Saturday 23 February 2013

Epica - Fools of Damnation

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I believe I learnt about Epica from, and got addicted to the music right away. I've listened to this particular album over and over for a disturbingly long period of time. If you ask me to choose a song from this release, I'd say Fools of Damnation, but can't really tell you why. 

I have several memories connected to this track, from night photo shootings, through skiing, all the way to several live concerts. I chose the one I am actually able to show you. :)

Epica played in Budapest many times since I've noticed them, but I always managed to skip them for some reason or the other. This one time in San Francisco, when I was browsing my favourite club (DNA Lounge)'s monthly calendar, something hit me in the face. EPICA, on  the 5th of December, 2010. I couldn't believe my eyes, that I actually get to see them at that particular joint. Luckily some co-workers and friends around me were feeling the same way, so we bought the tickets and headed out to the gig. The organizers told us that Epica starts at 9, and we should get there by 6.

As we got there, things started to get a bit messy. Someone had the great idea to have cocktails. And another round... and another round. By the time Epica came on stage, we were... so to speak... alright.
The fascinating aspect of the show was the number of people who showed up. This band is particularly popular in Hungary, but it turned out that that's not the case in the Bay Area. We didn't mind of course, having a small cosy gig renders it special. We were mostly upstairs in our little cocktail corner, while _Nec (the photographer) was all over the place, hence the photos. The only detail I remember from the show (apart from the feelings it invoked) is that when this song begun, I ran down to the first row and head-bangged through its 8 minutes.

After the show, the cocktail crew headed out to find another place where we can continue exploring the world of Margaritas. We all were happy, chatty and jumpy. It was around 11pm, and still had lots of time to kill. A few steps after we marched past a dodgy place, the gang paused. Was it really gothic music coming out of there? So we've ended up at the Cat Club. Looking back at this from more than 2 years' time, I don't know why we were surprised at the way the night progressed. Each of us there has a reputation of being in the right place at the right time to participate in something surreal and fun. After a short while, one of the band members showed up in the same venue, and ended up drinking with us. Can't say how the night ended though... If you were there and know, please tell me! :)

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