Friday 22 February 2013

Quimby - Magam Adom

I exist in parallel universes. One of my timelines is all about creativity, music and events. The good thing about living multiple lives is that it broadens the mind to an extreme extent. The bad thing is that you can't do all at once. When I'm deep down in the programming rabbit hole, I miss the concerts, videos and long surreal nights. On the other hand, when I do too much of the other, I miss the 9 to 5 life.

In one of my visits to the rockstar universe, I had a year of following Hungary's #1 alternative music bands as I was creating the visual material for their upcoming album. Me and the camera crew went to every single gig they had all around the country, and recorded each. I usually operated the "total" camera, just in the focus point of the speakers. It was a phenomenal experience to stand on an elevated surface above the audience and enjoy each show from the best spot ever.

This is one of my favourite tunes from the band, and also our production. Sorry for the hungarian language :)

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