Tuesday 19 February 2013

Funkstar DeLuxe vs. Bob Marley - Sun is Shining

Around winter 1999 when this song was on the top of hit lists across Europe, we were at our city's (Miskolc, Hungary) only ice skating rink and causing trouble. At that time I was actively learning inline extreme sports. Fortunately I wasn't alone, and had friends amongst the security staff at the facility. The whole gang at the rink was one big family. That was the place where it didn't matter if you were a rapper, rocker, skinhead, techno freak, raver, whatever. We were all there to have fun and play. Lots and lots of relationships begun and ended there, it was our home. We were out every single afternoon in the season. If someone didn't feel like skating, they just showed up and sat on the side providing drinks and snacks to the one's involved in the games.

This track was one of the many that I connect to memories I've acquired here. I will most likely post many tunes with memories from this era, as it is a significant part of my life.

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