Thursday 28 February 2013

Inspiration overdose

A friend of mine called NINth stumbled upon a remarkable material, and posted it on his blog. I cannot even start describing how inspiring this little film about music feels to me. It can be euphoric to simply mix 2 tracks seamlessly. To bring a piece of music to life is a whole other dimension. These guys are way beyond musicians and sound engineers. I am sure that they spend a horrifying amount of time in the studio staring at screens and listening to few second samples millions of times with different settings, but still: the outcome is something more than you'd get by following a book on perfect production. I've had the chance of being an observer in a quality studio before with a professional group of people, and it blew my mind too. With that experience, I can actually smell the sound insulation and feel the purity and stiffness of the air while watching this. I'm slowly finding my way back to music production and the studio life, and hope that you'll be part of it by reading my posts.
Please take some time and watch the following video with an open mind and heart.

Thanks NINth for this moment!

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