Monday 4 March 2013

Sono - Keep Control

It happened on a summer night in 2001, when I was riding my bike and listening to a dj promo mix of new songs. Lucky for me, I was already working at the radio station, so I got my hands on such things before the general public did. I used to cycle around the town I lived just to clear my head, and think without any distraction, and to get lost in the tunes. The habit of giving myself completely over to music still exists. Obviously the cycling is now more like commuting or strolling the streets of London, but the idea is the same. I remember being blown away by the simplicity of the music. I always had problems with trying to put too much into the music I make, and this is a perfect example of the "less is more" effect. Many versions have been made ever since of this track, but for me, the one below stays the only acceptable variation.

It seems like a good habit to write about my experiences, but I am indeed interested in your thoughts too. Did you have, or do you still have a way of connecting to the sounds as much? What's your getaway?

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